#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Plastic Pinks

Plastic Pinks is known for going all out and having the wildest of shows. Everything from their charismatic performance, to their catchy and energetic songs, will captivate your attention in an almost trance like state, getting you lost in their music and bursting into dance. 

Plastic Pinks have been releasing their music all over. Die Slaughterhaus Records, known for their pioneering catalog, released Plastic Pinks 7" vinyl Fui/Kelly. Wiener Records released the band’s EP “Livin’ On The Coast”. Later on, Plastic Pinks debut full-length “Sunnyside Rabbits” was released on through the ever-growing Burger Records as well as through Cincope Records in Argentina. "Sunnyside Rabbits" was recorded and produced by none other than AJ Davila, who some consider a legend in this industry, thanks to his involvement in the growing scene with his late band Davila 666. 

Plastic Pinks have made sure to pursue their goals of rocking hard and loud in their hometown Miami, FL playing an impressive amount of high caliber shows like the artist packed III POINTS festival. The band has participated in a number of festivals like the "Atlanta Mess-Around" a festival known for its complete chaos and high energy excitement, Beach Bum festival in Puerto Rico, where they were televised on the well known Telemundo, and in a few of Burger Records/Wiener Records SXSW Un-official shows. Plastic Pinks are also road warriors, recently spending three months on their last tour which not only took them across the United States, but to Canada and Mexico as well.

With no signs of slowing down as they used their time off on tour to make guest appearances on Daytrotter where they recorded a live session that is available on their website and KEXP Seattle's music savvy and high regarded radio station, where they also did a live session this time accompanied by video. Plastic Pinks is sure to keep at it, wind has been blowing on their sails and it seems as if the formula has only gotten stronger with time.  Their high energy, heart pounding melodic "Rad City Sticky Pop" is sure to make it's way into your hearts, taking over your soul, having you hooked, wanting more.

See Plastic Pinks play on the Main iclinic Stage at 9:20pm located in the parking lot behind the alley of 2061 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 33713.

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Chant the Trees

We first learned about Chant the Trees from our favorite guys over at Florida Folk Scene.  Since then we've been hypnotized. Chant the Trees is a progressive acoustic duo of Mandolin and Guitar. Their music is characterized by an eclectic mix of acoustic old-timey folk and bluegrass rhythms and themes combined with the intricacies of progressive guitar based rock. Their folktale style lyrics are heavily based on Nature and the outside world, along with stories from another time. The group consists of brothers-by-blood Ryan and Kade Ballogg.

Catch Chant the Trees at 5:30pm on the Tropiccool Bus located at 2061 Central Ave and 21st Street.

Listen: chantthetrees.bandcamp.com

Contact: chatthetrees@gmail.com

Website: chantthetrees.com

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Jackson Davis & The Jackettes

The Jackettes are not so much a band as they are an attempt to give form to the passion felt for the music that we have come to know and love in our human existence. Like a child trying on their father's too-big suit and tie or a group of toddlers shoulder-stacked under a baggy trench coat-- we are youthfully attempting to carry the glimmering torch of our musical ancestors. This is an effort to give the world her next "classic sound." We love it all: from the tender ballads of the Great American Songbook, to the unpredictable antics of a swinging 70's r&b diva mythical and real....and we feel a strong obligation and connection to those of the yester-world to make music with those same characteristics. A sound that transcends being accepted and understood. We are humans struggling under the weight of living and dying. We are made by a great creator trying to be as creative. So it goes. The music we create embodies the out of touch, out of sync, misunderstood hysterical breakdown of simply living- to unite us.

See Jackson & The Jackettes perform at 8:10pm on the WOVE Stage, located at The Loft 2036 Central Ave Studio A. 

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Terminus Cursus

If you were able to catch Terminus Cursus at MicroGroove last night you were part of the chosen ones. Formed as a collaboration between Bradley Elston (drums) and Patrick Mugan (bass/vocals) with the original intention of featuring a rotating lineup of accompanying musicians for performances and recordings.  After joining them for a show on Halloween of 2013, Arthur Mugan (guitar/vocals) was added as a full-time member.  

The band’s self-recorded first album, 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6, was released by Kevin Greenspon’s Bridgetown Records on cassette in November 2014, solidifying the Terminus Cursus sound: distinctly aggressive post-punk, equally informed by the British (Echo & the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Wire) and American (Honor Role, Mission of Burma, Wipers) traditions and tempered with a smattering of more extreme contemporary reference points (Converge, Neurosis, Today is the Day).  

On of, the second Terminus Cursus album, was completed at Tampa’s Atomic Audio Recordings in November 2015.  Besides the increased sonic clarity and detail in comparison to the debut, On of more thoroughly develops the band’s previously latent krautrock and post-rock influences while losing none of the intensity for which they have become known.


Bandcamp: http://terminuscursus.bandcamp.com

GNC Session: http://gncsessions.com/album/

Video from Fuzz Fest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxChae_xhk

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans

After making a run at the heavyweight championship of the punk rock world with their debut long player back in 2014, the Golden Pelicans are back with a new 12” -- and this time they’re determined to take the belt back to Orlando. On “Oldest Ride, Longest Line” the Pelicans bolster their patented thug punk attack with monstrous riffs straight out of the seventies Aussie hard rock playbook. Think of an alternate reality where Black Flag got stuck on Rose Tattoo instead of Black Sabbath and you’re almost there. However, like any veteran of the ring, the Pelicans are more than just a bunch of one-move jabronies. Sure, the nine songs on this record seethe with an aggressive swagger guaranteed to put hair on your chest, but these guys have the brains to meld their tough-guy bravado to the type of memorable hooks that serve as the backbone for all the best punk rock. The result is a non-stop rager that rips from start to finish. If you are a TOTAL PUNK who enjoys the finer things in life like shotgunning beers, the X-Spurts album, and Scott Steiner promos, then learn to love the Golden Pelicans, because they may just be the best band around.

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Permanent Makeup

“We’re from Florida. Everything you’ve heard is true.”
— - James, Chris and Susan

Expanding on the Minutemen-influenced critically-acclaimedart-punk of 2013's The Void...It Creeps, Florida's Permanent Makeup gives us their next full length Taker.

Springing from a collaboratively improv-based writing process throughout 2014, the songs on Taker have a morenaturally complex and aggressive approach.  Bassist Christopher expands "We have seen more of the country as a band, played with countless weird & wonderful bands and been witness to many incredible communities. This album was informed by all of these influences in the context of living and breathing in Tampa Bay, Florida." 

Whether it's drive and determination, a message of community and frustration or immediacy and purpose you want, then look no further than this band and this record.

Recorded and mixed by guitarist James Bess in their homes directly following 2 major tours of the US in 2014 (and coinciding with the band's 5th anniversary of their debut performance),Taker hits streets and shelves on August 21,2015 on CD and limited edition vinyl.