Get in the Know: Operation Coexist

Operation Coexist is working in a collaborative effort with the Noisemakers Music School and the Music Education Department at St. Petersburg College to create a program that provides instruments and weekly music lessons to kids in foster care in the Tampa Bay area at no cost to the foster family. Students are given the option to take a variety of different lessons including voice, piano, percussion, and guitar, to name a few.

Students that stay in the program for at least one year they are placed into student bands with other kids in their age range and skill level. Our goal is to help our students with their transition out of the foster care system by graduating from high school and continuing to pursue their music education with opportunities for scholarship at SPC. 

All lessons take place at the Noisemakers Music School at 5511 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lessons are given by student interns provided by the Music Education Department at SPC.  Make sure to watch one of these great bands on the Operation Coexist stage at Don't Stop 2015 on the Tropiccool Bus located at 2061 Central Ave Saturday, November 28th, 2015!