#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Redfeather

Redfeather, performing in the Mike Eisenstadt Live Music Studio at WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM for Grand National Championships. gncsessions.com


Formed in 2011, Redfeather has been a staple in St. Petersburg's music scene ever since. Redfeather fuses structured harmonies and acoustic guitar melodies with a psychedelic landscape of sound created by an array of electric guitar and synthesizer effects merged by a dense bass and percussion formation that, when combined, can be felt resonating in your chest and mind.

Redfeather's music expresses a deeper level of consciousness and a greater appreciation of the natural world. Many of their songs are inspired by moments of enlightenment in nature, love and human interconnectivity; a manifestation of their spiritual characteristics transfigured into music. Their music tends to ebb and flow with intention in a sprawl of evolving rhythms like a transpiring story taking place. Some of Redfeather's influences include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Massive Attack, Mew, Radiohead and World music, but when it comes to their sound, they stand on their own.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedFeatherSt.Pete

Bandcamp: https://redfeathermusic.bandcamp.com