#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Jackson Davis & The Jackettes

The Jackettes are not so much a band as they are an attempt to give form to the passion felt for the music that we have come to know and love in our human existence. Like a child trying on their father's too-big suit and tie or a group of toddlers shoulder-stacked under a baggy trench coat-- we are youthfully attempting to carry the glimmering torch of our musical ancestors. This is an effort to give the world her next "classic sound." We love it all: from the tender ballads of the Great American Songbook, to the unpredictable antics of a swinging 70's r&b diva mythical and real....and we feel a strong obligation and connection to those of the yester-world to make music with those same characteristics. A sound that transcends being accepted and understood. We are humans struggling under the weight of living and dying. We are made by a great creator trying to be as creative. So it goes. The music we create embodies the out of touch, out of sync, misunderstood hysterical breakdown of simply living- to unite us.

See Jackson & The Jackettes perform at 8:10pm on the WOVE Stage, located at The Loft 2036 Central Ave Studio A.