DSSP17 Artists of the Day: Someday River

Someday River is an experimental folk rock project and art platform created by Greyson Charnock in Spring of 2015. Incorporating sweeping drum patterns andfunk bass over songs rooted in folk, the band crystallizes into their full sound. Their debut EP 'Sleeping Sideways' was released in May of 2016.

DSSP17 Artist of the Day: Set and Setting

Set and Setting are an instrumental band from St. Petersburg Florida, whose work encompasses drone and ambient music to experimental rock and metal. The band was founded by guitarist Shane Handal, as a recording project in 2009. Several musicians came and went with the lineup finally settling around drummers Mark Etherington and Stephen Handal, guitarist Ryan Fugate, and bassist Nick Sibilia. Their debut album "Equanimity", was issued in 2013 via Science of Silence Records, which they supported with the effort of DIY touring throughout the underground and extreme music scenes in all of the U.S. and parts of Canada. In 2014, Set and Setting released their second album, "A Vivid Memory" via Prosthetic Records and continued to tour internationally and locally with bands such as Mouth of the Architect, EyeHateGod, Inter Arma, and Kayo Dot throughout 2015. 2016 brought a tough year of writing and recording while battling injuries within the band limiting live performances. The beginning of 2017 brings Set and Setting's third full-length album, "Reflectionless" along with more touring. 

DSSP17 Artist of the Day: FR33DBACK

Matthew Reisinger, known by his stage name FR33DBACK, is an electronic musician, sound designer, and composer from Tampa, Florida. Sharing the stage with some of the best in downtempo electronic music, including Chrome Sparks and Rhye, FR33DBACK can be found performing intensely layered Synthwave tunes amidst a myriad of buttons, knobs, and switches; resembling a “young” Dr. Frankenstein as he creates life by harnessing the power of electricity.

DSSP17 Artist of the Day: Luxury Mane

Luxury Mane are an American band formed on the southwest coast of Florida. The band consists of Billy Summer ( vox, guitars ), Kyle Lovell ( drums ), and Aaron Nelson ( bass ). These three handsome music makers churn future classics by melding pure id with solid gold song craft.  They are true pioneers of the psych pop explosion in St Petersburg, one of the most vibrant and ambitiously creative music and art scenes at present. Luxury Mane's style is hard to pin down but has been described by fans and critics as Indie Rock, Art Rock, Experimental, and New Wave

Luxury Mane emerged from the remains of Summers' previous group, The Semis, one of Tampa’s most influential, genre shrugging and self-destructive outfits. Summer and drummer Lovell have spent the last five years  coming to their senses while writing, creating and recording at their home base studio, Hey! We Put Some Foam Up. Lolling in the St Pete sunshine has proved inspirational for this prolific group who have produced three LP’s and one cassette since their inception including 2013’s Natural Beauty, 2014’s Gold Standard, the 2015 cassette, Isn't This Great?( Wiener Records ), and the 2016 release, Lux Runnin Out. 

Luxury Mane are also fond of swimming, dressing proper, and eating fine food. The are available for consultation on these matters and some others.

2017 LINEUP!

Scene-breakers in St. Pete - Shows I Go To Live Review


Friends were tucked wall-to-wall in a cozy loft with the slightest tease of sunlight spilling onto the worn wood floors of The Loft. They’re scattered across couches pushed up against the wall, fluttering to and from the kitchen to grab an extra can of Rolling Rock. Just a few chords and the crowd stirred, clambering toward the riser stage in a space the size of a bedroom. It couldn’t get more intimate at the Don’t Stop St. Pete music festival.

Bands from all over Tampa Bay (and even South Florida) performed across four stages knit together along the Grand Central District in St. Petersburg. The acts shared hugs, shout-outs, and even a couple of band members. It’s the ultimate showcase of Tampa Bay talent, highlighting the potential scene-breakers on every stage.

The night was blasting from the moment Selectric stepped onto the iClinic stage. The three-piece band passed a guitar, bass, and pair of drumsticks between each other like dinner table sides at Thanksgiving. It was seamless how each player could just pick up an instrument and go. Blasting, hyping perfection set the tone of cataclysmic performances for the whole night.

Stealing the spotlight was Jasmine Deja, a brilliant multi-instrumentalist with the vocal chops to match. Most of her bands dance along the lines of psychedelic indie rock, including Selectric, Soapbox Soliloquy, and Veiny Hands. Her style is raw, noisy, and energetic — perfectly suited to showcase multiple times throughout the festival.


Crossing over to The Wove @ The Loft, it was imminent that the printing company turned Chicago loft-style house show would dominate as the best venue and collection of performers. Gorgeous, wailing Hussar stole hearts from the moment the indie rockers took the stage. Each layered alt-flavor floated into the air like stirred attic dust, wafting and consuming the senses.

The ultimate crafters of shoegaze ooze was St. Pete’s Ask for Tiger, a well-crafted blend of alt-punk with a dash of noisy hardcore. Their performance is jolting, bone-shaking, and chilling with every shouting roar.

If there were an act that would lure me into an indie pop-induced high, it’s Poster. The Tampa act oozes happy-go-lucky vibes with ethereal instrumentals that capture your movement. Just try listening to their Bandcamp tracks — I dare you to sit still when listening to “Condors.”

Contrasting the bouncing Poster and explosive Ask for Tiger were the spirits of the forest, known as Chant the Trees. Playing on top of the Tropicool open-air bus was well-suited for Kade and Ryan Ballogg, who entranced with harmonious folk wizardry. They’re well saddled with the guitar and the mandolin, but it’s this folk nature imagery, a soft and beckoning sense of meditation, that made a crowded dusk alley transform into a hazy dawn bog.

Sliding into Sly Bar was stepping into the hardcore, alt-rock home of Don’t Stop. From the outside, it sounded like Rage Against the Machine had seized the dive bar. But it was none other than Samurai Shotgun, the most enticing performers of hip-hop hardcore. Thrashing from one end of the crowd to the stained floors, every chord and rhythmic note pierced an unforgettable barrage of intensity.

None thrashed harder than Permanent Makeup. Rumbling and spilling from behind speakers into the packed crowd, every speedy, ripping guitar thrust whipped each soul into a moshing powerhouse. The band embodies stamina and grit, rarely halting their set for more than a minute.

Expressive emo never blasted more beautifully on the Wove stage than the momentSnacking launched their set. They’ll tell you their songs are about Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but there’s a deep, punching layer of emotion in each chord that strikes harder than any other band in Florida. Each rolling wave of sound is a tear at the heartstrings, a deeper rip at the soul. Snacking is mesmerizing, consuming, incredible and destined for a bigger stage.

Winding down the night was the ever-entrancing Redfeather. Psychedelic swoons swept through the hippie crowd, and it’s all due to the gorgeous balance of alt-rock and groove. It’s an exploration of sound, bursting with organic maracas and tambourines juxtaposed to drawling synthesizers. Even days after the event, tapping along to “Myakka” was enough to take me back to a dazzling, sublime hour of the night.

After jolting from hardcore to nature calls to indie rock, it was the subtle climax necessary after a day of bursting raw talent. But please don’t ask me who’s my favorite local band. Instead, let me talk to you about my hometown scene.

#DSSP14 Artist of the Day: Kristopher James

Kristopher can command the audiences attention and captivate them with fluctuating emotions and crafted songs.

From the "Friendly City" of Bradenton, Florida, alt-folk troubadour Kristopher James channels the balanced line of life, love, doubts and hopes into "captivating music loaded with soft, acoustic guitar tunes and stunning vocals" (Music Gets Me By) ... On display in songs like "Runaways" and "My Heart Wasn't Ready" from his self-produced EP "Movement:1"


#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Plastic Pinks

Plastic Pinks is known for going all out and having the wildest of shows. Everything from their charismatic performance, to their catchy and energetic songs, will captivate your attention in an almost trance like state, getting you lost in their music and bursting into dance. 

Plastic Pinks have been releasing their music all over. Die Slaughterhaus Records, known for their pioneering catalog, released Plastic Pinks 7" vinyl Fui/Kelly. Wiener Records released the band’s EP “Livin’ On The Coast”. Later on, Plastic Pinks debut full-length “Sunnyside Rabbits” was released on through the ever-growing Burger Records as well as through Cincope Records in Argentina. "Sunnyside Rabbits" was recorded and produced by none other than AJ Davila, who some consider a legend in this industry, thanks to his involvement in the growing scene with his late band Davila 666. 

Plastic Pinks have made sure to pursue their goals of rocking hard and loud in their hometown Miami, FL playing an impressive amount of high caliber shows like the artist packed III POINTS festival. The band has participated in a number of festivals like the "Atlanta Mess-Around" a festival known for its complete chaos and high energy excitement, Beach Bum festival in Puerto Rico, where they were televised on the well known Telemundo, and in a few of Burger Records/Wiener Records SXSW Un-official shows. Plastic Pinks are also road warriors, recently spending three months on their last tour which not only took them across the United States, but to Canada and Mexico as well.

With no signs of slowing down as they used their time off on tour to make guest appearances on Daytrotter where they recorded a live session that is available on their website and KEXP Seattle's music savvy and high regarded radio station, where they also did a live session this time accompanied by video. Plastic Pinks is sure to keep at it, wind has been blowing on their sails and it seems as if the formula has only gotten stronger with time.  Their high energy, heart pounding melodic "Rad City Sticky Pop" is sure to make it's way into your hearts, taking over your soul, having you hooked, wanting more.

See Plastic Pinks play on the Main iclinic Stage at 9:20pm located in the parking lot behind the alley of 2061 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 33713.

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Chant the Trees

We first learned about Chant the Trees from our favorite guys over at Florida Folk Scene.  Since then we've been hypnotized. Chant the Trees is a progressive acoustic duo of Mandolin and Guitar. Their music is characterized by an eclectic mix of acoustic old-timey folk and bluegrass rhythms and themes combined with the intricacies of progressive guitar based rock. Their folktale style lyrics are heavily based on Nature and the outside world, along with stories from another time. The group consists of brothers-by-blood Ryan and Kade Ballogg.

Catch Chant the Trees at 5:30pm on the Tropiccool Bus located at 2061 Central Ave and 21st Street.

Listen: chantthetrees.bandcamp.com

Contact: chatthetrees@gmail.com

Follow: facebook.com/ChantTheTrees

Website: chantthetrees.com


Radio St. Pete (RadioStPete.com) is a new media property launched over the 4th of July weekend in 2013. A 24 hour online and mobile Internet radio station focused on St. Petersburg, Florida and the surrounding beach communities.  Just choose your favorite kind of music, whether it is recent hits, jazz, country or classical; all genres are available on the website.

We caught up with Will Kuncz, the man behind “Homemade Broadcast”  who will be doing a LIVE BROADCAST from Don't Stop Sat 11/28 in front of Sly.  Then watch the HMBradio Stand Up Comedy Showcase on the Tropiccool Stage at 7:45pm located at 2061 Central Ave!

HMB Events: http://www.hmbradio.com/events

HMB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMBradio

HMBradio Stand Up Comedy Showcase: https://www.facebook.com/events/207938576204283

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Jackson Davis & The Jackettes

The Jackettes are not so much a band as they are an attempt to give form to the passion felt for the music that we have come to know and love in our human existence. Like a child trying on their father's too-big suit and tie or a group of toddlers shoulder-stacked under a baggy trench coat-- we are youthfully attempting to carry the glimmering torch of our musical ancestors. This is an effort to give the world her next "classic sound." We love it all: from the tender ballads of the Great American Songbook, to the unpredictable antics of a swinging 70's r&b diva mythical and real....and we feel a strong obligation and connection to those of the yester-world to make music with those same characteristics. A sound that transcends being accepted and understood. We are humans struggling under the weight of living and dying. We are made by a great creator trying to be as creative. So it goes. The music we create embodies the out of touch, out of sync, misunderstood hysterical breakdown of simply living- to unite us.

See Jackson & The Jackettes perform at 8:10pm on the WOVE Stage, located at The Loft 2036 Central Ave Studio A. 

#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Terminus Cursus

If you were able to catch Terminus Cursus at MicroGroove last night you were part of the chosen ones. Formed as a collaboration between Bradley Elston (drums) and Patrick Mugan (bass/vocals) with the original intention of featuring a rotating lineup of accompanying musicians for performances and recordings.  After joining them for a show on Halloween of 2013, Arthur Mugan (guitar/vocals) was added as a full-time member.  

The band’s self-recorded first album, 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6, was released by Kevin Greenspon’s Bridgetown Records on cassette in November 2014, solidifying the Terminus Cursus sound: distinctly aggressive post-punk, equally informed by the British (Echo & the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Wire) and American (Honor Role, Mission of Burma, Wipers) traditions and tempered with a smattering of more extreme contemporary reference points (Converge, Neurosis, Today is the Day).  

On of, the second Terminus Cursus album, was completed at Tampa’s Atomic Audio Recordings in November 2015.  Besides the increased sonic clarity and detail in comparison to the debut, On of more thoroughly develops the band’s previously latent krautrock and post-rock influences while losing none of the intensity for which they have become known.


Bandcamp: http://terminuscursus.bandcamp.com

GNC Session: http://gncsessions.com/album/

Video from Fuzz Fest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFxChae_xhk

What is Never Take It Off?

“The Never Take It Off Vow Bracelets were created to bring strength to the process of change and choice. Each piece comes with a list of vows to encourage the individual tying it on to never give up, never back down and never stop trying. Never take it off…”
— - Tommy Simms, President NTIO

NTIO jewelry and apparel is merch with meaning; a vehicle for Artists, Bands, Causes and so forth to connect with each other and with supportive sponsors and fans. It is a new kind of merchandise line which not only raises funds for the artist, cause, event etc… but helps forward the message of your organization while at the same time supporting your fans goals and dreams with their own personalized vows.

Our first product was the NTIO Vow Bracelet. While tying it on you make a vow then you “Never Take It Off” -which means you leave the bracelet on as long as you like but you never take off the vow.

Every bracelet comes with a customized “Vow List”. For instance a band might have a different set of vows than a green organization or fans and friends can create their own vows with the poem provided. The amazing thing is the purpose of the NTIO bracelet is different for everybody! Basically it’s a vow, pledge, commitment, or decision and the NTIO bracelet is simply a constant reminder of whatever that is for you. The bracelets are also customized and designed in different colors for the Artists, Bands, Causes and so on. They are hand stamped with the NTIO logo plus the logo of the artist, band or cause. Every NTIO Artist, Band, Cause or Designer also has a customized profile page on our website with jewelry, and information about them plus a spot for mobile uploads with their fans wearing their bracelets. They can even sell their bracelets through our site and of course place a link or picture on their own site with one of our easy to use widgets. This will help good Causes connect with supportive artists and their fans.

The creators of NTIO are musicians and designers who wanted to provide an artistic way for Artists,  to support themselves and each other through selling merch with meaning. So you might see Never Take it Off by Your Favorite Designer for The Feed the Children Foundation. Or you might just see Never Take it Off by Your Favorite Band. Never Take It Off also offers special grants to Non Profit Organizations and donates bracelets to worthy causes for fund raisers and special events. Never Take It Off is Merchandise with Meaning!

WATCH Tommy Simms perform at Don't Stop St. Pete Saturday, November 28th, 2015 at the Tropiccool Bus located at 2061 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33701

For More Information: www.NeverTakeItOff.com 

#DSSp15 Artist of the Day: Veiny Hands

Some bands just step out of the darkness and blow your face off. Veiny Hands is that kind of band. Typically dressed in some kind dark glamorous outfits and playing through amps some would argue are just too god damn loud. The band casts a playful yet dark and heavy blues inspired spell on the crowd and their recordings are that of a mesmerizing story that only a Cheshire cat could tell. I highly recommend going to see this band no matter the stage or night. If it's the packed room in the back of a bar or a sold out gig at the local venue. This band will ensnare you with their good looks, reverb chants and primal rhythms. 

2015 LINEUP!


iClinic Stage - 2061 Central Ave Alley

3:30 - 4:00 PM Selectric
4:20 - 4:50 PM Johnny Mile and the Kilometers
5:10 - 5:40 PM Ask for Tiger
6:00 - 6:30 PM Luxury Mane
6:50 - 7:20 PM Denim Blue Music
7:40 - 8:10 PM Airsickness
8:30 - 9:00 PM Sonic Graffiti
9:20 - 10:00 PM Plastic Pinks
10:20 - 11:00 PM Ben Katzman's DeGreaser

Tropiccool Bus - 2061 Central Ave

3:15 - 3:45 PM Kristopher James
4:00 - 4:30 PM Josh Mclin
4:45 - 5:15 PM Tommy Sims
5:30 - 6:00 PM Chant the Trees
6:15 - 6:45 PM Orion Band 
7:00 - 7:30 PM Black Coast Royals
7:45 - 8:20 PM HMBradio Comedy Live
8:30 - 8:45 PM Newbreed
8:50 - 9:15 PM Matt Chibbs
9:20 - 9:45 PM Justin Lundy
9:50 - 10:15 PM Mickey Spixx
10:30 - 11:00 PM DEA & SAINT

Sly Bar - 2061 Central Ave

5:00 - 5:30 PM Broom Closet
6:40 - 7:10 PM UV-TV
7:30 - 8:00 PM WD HAN
8:20 - 8:50 PM Goodnight Neverland
9:10 - 9:40 PM  Terminus Cursus
10:00 - 10:35 PM Permanent Makeup
10:55 - 11:25 PM Tight Genes
11:45 - 12:20 AM Meatwound
12:40 - 1:20 AM The Golden Pelicans

WOVE @ The Loft - 2036 Central Ave Studio A

4:00 - 4:30 PM Hussar
4:50 - 5:20 PM Poster
5:40 - 6:10 PM Mouth Council
6:30 - 7:00 PM Fictional Friends
7:20 - 7:50 PM Veiny Hands
8:10 - 8:40 PM The Jackettes
9:00 - 9:30 PM Archaic Interest
9:50 - 10:20 PM FayRoy
10:40 - 11:10 PM Snacking
11:30 - 12:00 AM Soapbox Soliloquy
12:20 - 1:00 AM Redfeather
1:00 - 1:30 AM Rogerthomas

Get in the Know: Operation Coexist

Operation Coexist is working in a collaborative effort with the Noisemakers Music School and the Music Education Department at St. Petersburg College to create a program that provides instruments and weekly music lessons to kids in foster care in the Tampa Bay area at no cost to the foster family. Students are given the option to take a variety of different lessons including voice, piano, percussion, and guitar, to name a few.

Students that stay in the program for at least one year they are placed into student bands with other kids in their age range and skill level. Our goal is to help our students with their transition out of the foster care system by graduating from high school and continuing to pursue their music education with opportunities for scholarship at SPC. 

All lessons take place at the Noisemakers Music School at 5511 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lessons are given by student interns provided by the Music Education Department at SPC.  Make sure to watch one of these great bands on the Operation Coexist stage at Don't Stop 2015 on the Tropiccool Bus located at 2061 Central Ave Saturday, November 28th, 2015!


#DSSP15 Artist of the Day: Redfeather

Redfeather, performing in the Mike Eisenstadt Live Music Studio at WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM for Grand National Championships. gncsessions.com


Formed in 2011, Redfeather has been a staple in St. Petersburg's music scene ever since. Redfeather fuses structured harmonies and acoustic guitar melodies with a psychedelic landscape of sound created by an array of electric guitar and synthesizer effects merged by a dense bass and percussion formation that, when combined, can be felt resonating in your chest and mind.

Redfeather's music expresses a deeper level of consciousness and a greater appreciation of the natural world. Many of their songs are inspired by moments of enlightenment in nature, love and human interconnectivity; a manifestation of their spiritual characteristics transfigured into music. Their music tends to ebb and flow with intention in a sprawl of evolving rhythms like a transpiring story taking place. Some of Redfeather's influences include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Massive Attack, Mew, Radiohead and World music, but when it comes to their sound, they stand on their own.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedFeatherSt.Pete

Bandcamp: https://redfeathermusic.bandcamp.com